Name:             Tun Lwin

Date of Birth:    17 January 1948

Father’s name:    U Thein Maung

Affiliation:     Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, Myanmar

                 Ministry of Transport

Position:       Director-General & PR of Myanmar with WMO (Retired)

Date of entry;  3 May 1965

Service:         > 44 years (Retired on 29 May 2009)

Marital Status:   Married

                  Wife:    Daw Mu Mu Than

                  Daughters:     Dr. Myat Su Tun Lwin (Medical Officer, School
                  Health team, Yankin Township, Ministry of Health)

                  Ma Swan Ye Tun Lwin ( 1st Year Secondary, Raffle, Singapore)

                 Son:           Mg Zwe Marn Tun Lwin (1 st Year(English), MFLI, Yangon)

                               (1 st Year, TEAMASEK Poly Technic, Singapore)

Address:       No.6/1, Thanthumar Street, 24th Quarter, Thuwunna, Yanngon, Myanmar

Phone:         Res:    +(95-1)-560938/561947

               Mobile: +(95-9)-50-99920



Study field:   Meteorology/ Hydrology/ Natural Disasters/ Environmental Science/ Climate Change

Education:     B. Sc. (Physics), Arts & Science University, Mandalay, 1971

               D.I.E.P (English), University of Miami, 1973

               B.S. (Meteorology), Florida State University, 1975

               M.S. (Meteorology), Florida State University, 1989

               Ph.D. (Physics), Yangon University, 2008

Positions held:  Current:
                 Consultant, Myanmar Climate Change Watch, Myanmar Climate Consultancy Service,
                 2009 -

                 Chairman and Technical Advisor, Steering Committee, Regional Integrate
                 Multi-hazard Early Warning System-RIMES, 2005-

                 Advisor, FREDA Consultant, CARE Myanmar, Action Aid, MRCS, EcoDev, NAG

                 Resource Person, ICHARM, Tsukuba City, Japan EGRESS, World Vision,
                 Global Green

                Permanent Representative of Myanmar with WMO, 2005-2009

                Focal Point, National Multi-hazard Early Warning Centre, 2005-2009

                Member, APN Research Group on Extreme Weather Events, 2001-2009

                Team Leader, Vulnerabilty and Adaptation Assessment Group on Climate Change for
                Myanmar, NCEA, 2007-2009

                Project Manager, NAPA, UNEP, Myanmar. 2008-2009

                WMO Focal Point for Public Information of Myanmar, 1985-2009

                Focal Point, Commission on Atmospheric Science (CAM), WMO, 1998-2009

                Member, National News Authority on Natural Disasters, 2008-2009

                Member, Task Force , DRR , UNDP_ADPC, PONREEP, Myanmar, 2008- 2009

                Current Research Interests:

1.     Climate Change Research on Myanmar

2.     Clmate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment

3.     Disaster Management Development

4.     Research Development on Monsoon Climatology of Myanmar

5.     Earthquake and tsunami hazard assessments for future earthquakes

        Tsunami generation process on the basis of submarine observation (bathymetry,
        submersible observation) and numerical computations

6.     Storm Surge Numerical Prediction Model development in Myanmar

7.     Climate Adaptation, Mitigation and Vulnerabilty Assessment

8.     Model Development on Climate Scenario Formulation

Current Activities

1.   Member, Publication Collaboration (Edited Book on Forms of Community Participation in
     DRM), ICHARM/PWRI Tsukuba Science City, Japan

2.   Chairman, RIMES(Regional Integrated Multi-hazard Early Warning System)

3.   Member, APN (Asia and Pacific Network), Research Group on Extreme Events


1.   Outstanding Student in Mathematics, Gold Medal Award, 1964

2.   Outstanding Student in Physics, Certificate, MASU, 1971

3.   Award for National Peace and Development (29-5-1990)

4.   Award for National Outstanding Government Service for (4-1-1995)

5.   National Award for Peace, Law and Order Restoration(4-1-1995)

6.   National Award for Outstanding Government Service (4-1-1996)

7.   National Award for Industrial Economy Science, Second Grade, (4-1-2003)

8.   First Literary Prize of “Thuta Syweson” for the category on Knowledgeable Science for 2008

9.   Winner of the ” Saya Kha Memorial Award” for the best physics Ph.D. dissertation award
     for 2008.

10.  Winner of the Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science’s Best Science Doctoral Dissertations
     Research Report Award for 2008.

Seminars:       Abroad > 80 times

                Domestic  > 350 times

Publications    Books   3

                Research Papers      85

                Articles  >300


Some selected Publications

1.      Maung, Ohn and Tun Lwin, 1967; “ The Stage Correlation Method of Flood

  Forecasting for Khamti and Monywa”

2.      Lwin, T, 1984; “ The twenty six years Cycle in the Flood Events in Pyay”

3.     Lwin T 1986; “The numerical classification of climate of Myanmar” Paper presented at
       the paper reading session in Yangon, February, 24 pp

4.   Lwin T, Daw Khin Cho Cho Shein2  2006; “ Climate Change in Myanmar during the last five

5.      Lwin T 2006; “ The Impacts of El-Nino and La-Nina events

on the Climate of Myanmar “.

6.    Lwin T , Kyaw Lwin Oo2  2006: “ The Inter-annual variations in the Monsoon Climatology
      of Myanmar and its perspectives “

7.     Lwin1  T , Zin Aung, 2006;

“ The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 26 December 2004 - Myanmar Experiences”

8.    Lwin1 T, Nyein Nyein Moe2, 2006;   “ Storm Surge Prediction in Myanmar: Operational
      and Post Storm Field Survey Perspectives “.

9.    Lwin1 T, Lei Lei Aung2 and Than Naing3  2006; “ The Volcanic Ash Eruption in Barren Island ”,
      Departmental Paper

10.   Lwin1 T and Aung Than2 2006; “ The Substantial Increased Earthquake Activities in
      Myanmar and Its perspectives “.

11.   Lwin1 T, Kyaw Lwin Oo2 and Than Naing 2006; “ The Indian Ocean Tsunami of; The Changes
      in the Climatology of the Bay Storms “, Departmental Paper

12.   Lwin[1]T, Dr. Win Swe[2] and  Dr. San Hla Thaw3 2006; “ The Volcanic Ash Eruption in
      Barren Island “., PACON Paper Reading Seminar, Yangon.

13.   Lwin1 T, Aung Than2 , 2006;

“ The Substantial Increased Earthquake Activities in Myanmar and Its perspectives :
  . PACON Paper Reading Seminar, Yangon.

14.   Lwin1 T, Kyaw Lwin Oo2 and Than Naing  2006; “ The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 and its
      impacts on the climate of Myanmar “.PACON Paper Reading Seminar, Yangon.

15.   Myanmar Climate Change Performance Assessment Report, 2009. ( Processing for publication)

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